MIE - Marine Industry Equipment AG &
MIE Service GmbH

Worldwide since 1993


Diesel Engines and Marine Engineering

MIE covers the entire range of services, including technical consulting, project management, engineering design, monitoring, commissioning, optimization and spare parts sales.

We handle both the purchasing and the entire distribution of the products themselves.

Company Development

The company has demonstrated steady growth since its founding.
Thanks to their high level of competence and reliability, Marine Industry Equipment AG & MIE Service GmbH is today a premium quality brand among the service providers in this market segment.
The entire staff of Marine Industry Equipment AG & MIE Service GmbH, including the management, is subject to quality control through ISO 9001 certification.

Company Vision

Our customers value our leading services and services that provide them with sustainable and innovative solutions.
Our strategic priorities are always geared towards our customers and aim at long-term and sustainable cooperation.
We also provide value to our customers through technological leadership, excellence in service, continuous operational improvements, and collaboration benefits.

Mission Statement


We fulfill our tasks and services at the agreed time in compliance with the agreed goals.


We are responsible with our conscience for appointments and services that we meet and provide within the framework of the network.


For us, trust means being open and cooperative.


Appreciation leads to added value. With true compassion between people, we create a climate that unconditionally perceives and accepts people.


What we say and do is consistent with what we think, believe and believe in


To be curious means for us to always be open to new and different ways. Curiosity is thus our spiritual principle, which motivates us to constantly learn and reflec- tively expand our competences.


We are aware of our responsibility towards others and ourselves and act in this field of tension according to ethical principles.

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Marine and Industry Equipment AG &
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